Monday, July 15, 2019

when smoke gets in your eyes, lalala

Decided to branch out in between projects and start really loading up on the basics so I'll be ready to build bigger when the time comes, and I keep running into strange new things so often that I'm finally caving to the pixelmon wiki. I've always been slow to adapt to anything new, but at least I'm collecting what I find to do more with later.

This is a crazy amount of fruit to have to learn, lol. I'll get there. Apparently the blue banana is a yache berry.

In the meantime, I'm getting the hang of sending Turtwig out. I typo so constantly that he's in and out like a yo-yo, but now I know which key is doing it. 😁

We had a serious mishap today... 😲

I have no idea yet if that would actually have done any damage or even killed him (probably not), but I recalled him and then sent him out again in a safer spot. Eeek!

Fortunately had a bucket of water on me. There he is, whew! 😳

Another side jaunt took me into a ravine full of ores and lava everywhere, so I had fun with my bucket creating obsidian floors. Water over lava 'freezes' into obsidian, the hardest block besides bedrock and a necessary ingredient in several important achievements. I made the mistake of installing a furnace directly over lava...

and then I kept catching on fire standing next to it... The first time was a bit of a shock.

I racked my brain. I've been playing minecraft for several years, but most of it has been on a server with fire spread turned off. Apparently lava can set fire to anything flammable, but oddly, this turned out to look like the obsidian burning. I've never seen that happen before. I don't think it's flammable. I did several experiments, ruled out burning mobs falling off ledges into that spot, assumed it was the door but it never burned, and finally came back to it once with obsidian simply just on fire, which I easily slapped out. Even digging out under the furnace and replacing the lava underneath with cobble hasn't stopped it from flaring up, so I think I've somehow glitched an obsidian block to spontaneously catch on fire. 😂

Guess I'll have to be careful not to use wood to build with in that ravine. I might eventually fix it up to house wyverns once I've made to the wyvern lair.

More to come...

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