Sunday, January 28, 2018

pulling llamas

Llamas are vanilla mobs, but this happened on the Mo Creatures server, so all the pix click back there. 😄

I'm one of those lucky players who keeps getting llama spawns on my claim, so other players ask for them and I help them travel the llamas to their own claims. This is an arduous task involving pulling leads while defending against mobs, and sometimes boats. Llamas can swim, but boats are easier going over oceans.

They remind me of cats... 😂

Had to keep going back and putting the lead back on. Llamas like running in packs, so leading one can get one or two more to follow, but if they lose you going over a rise, they stop following. The last time I moved llamas before this, it took 3 players, and we were able to move 5 at a time across about 5000 blocks. This move last night was at least 10,000 blocks, and probably more than that having to go around a bit in different places. I accidentally killed one trying to fly it (I'm a minimod) past lava, which was a really bad idea.

At one point I was trying to get back into my boat and my llama beat me to it. 😂 Saggy got this shot.

I feel like I'm becoming a llama moving specialist. 😁 Maybe I should breed and sell them.

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