Monday, June 12, 2017


I think this says it perfectly.
This will be my last Mo Creatures server post. The server is being wiped again, and I'm too busy with real life to mess with that. I've had free hosting services yanked out beneath me before (some of you know my Xanga history and that I continue to be one of their investors), but having one host server wiped twice in under a year is not acceptable. I'm sorry, it was fun, but make a solid plan and fork out the money, guys. My whole web presence is riding on my own dime and independent of interaction ratings, so I say this in heartfelt seriousness.

You know they can do incredible things if they want to, right? If I can do this on my own on a laptop with nothing more than what's already on my hard drive, then coders can do much, much more when their hands aren't tied.

I'm more an html/CSS kind of person, but I understand how easy it is to copy/paste logs and save archives, even if one must go out of the way plunking an extra $300 down on an external hard drive while the ship is crashing. I'm going to say it- Gamers are the most impatient people on this earth. Y'all are young and feisty and immature and unseasoned at handling services provided. Personally, I still believe MoC staff are incredible, but of late, whatever (or whoever) is yanking all the strings this go round, fine, you win the server war for domination. I won't say anything else about that. The dream was a sweet one, but it's over now, I guess. I'm having an incredibly challenging string of real life months myself, so this perfectly syncs with me and I expressed myself accordingly.

And that's exactly it. Everything I did on MoC was performance art. I may have claimed and built, but it was on someone else's server, and that's the way life goes sometimes. I'm losing big builds twice in under a year now, and I could care less whether they are moved or wiped. It's like graffiti in a subway, right? We live in a transient world. What better way to express this than wiping servers over and over. I have been struggling to keep my own launch platform viable in a transient world. I should probably get back to that. So long and thanx for all the fish, as it were.

If I show back up on the new server, it'll be because people I care about are there. Otherwise, MoC on singleplayer is fine for my level of distraction needs in a hyperdriven world.

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