Monday, June 19, 2017

ok, I lied

Evidently I shook the world over that last post because this, lol. 😆

Not sure who all I rattled, but it's all good because THIS.

That entire village encased in a glass dyson dome moved INTACT over to Valhalla, the new server world with grief proof golden shovel claim. That means the custom terrain inside went along, too. This next is the old Haven view. I intend to continue my economics mockery with emerald blocks, and eventually this will be a tiny little Emerald City.

There's actually a funny story behind this village. On the Mo Creatures server, players are supposed to keep 250 block distances from other player claims. I was nice and let players claim near me because I was claimed out, and like who cares what happens off my claims, right? Till this guy starts asking for fence handouts, and of course I'm loaded because I strip mineshafts, and I swear I must've given him at least 8 stacks of fence. I didn't notice until later that two whole sides of my village claim had been claimed around and fenced with MY fence. At first I was like ok, cool, looking more metro here. Then it dawned on me that fences only a block apart can be jumped... Clever. And very, very sneaky.

I have no idea what the motivation was, but because another player was around my village so much, it got mobbed and I lost most of my villagers to zombies, thank you very much. Obviously I needed to control mob spawns AND access, but how? After a bit I thought what the heck, I have 2 double chests popping with glass blocks, may as well just seal it up. It took a few hours, but every bit of that, except for a small area filled by an architect, was done manually. I dug all that sand, smelted all that glass, laid all those blocks.

I noticed that player stopped logging in shortly after I did that. If he ever logs back in before Haven gets wiped, I imagine he'll be a little surprised to see his fence surrounding  a big crater now. Unless that was an alt avatar account for someone who is openly already known as someone else and already knows. It's just sweet that in the end I won, you know? That village now sits next to another village I claimed on Valhalla, and no one can ever do that to it again.

My giant wall claim also got moved already, and I manually moved my Thunderbird monument, so all that's left now is my main Yablo estate, because I stripped out all the smaller claims and condensed the material wealth. All we're waiting on is regen while the servers are down for work. I'm loving that my estate looks war-torn, and I'm going to keep it like that and say it survived the apocalypse. It'll be cool having all these original custom terrain builds all together on a big new claim, and I can't wait to terraform it all out into one big Yablo area. I was smart when the very first custom resource world was around, grabbing everything I could that is usually difficult to procure, and then I got enough money going with a big punkin farm to be able to buy even more cool stuff, so I'm going to have some real fun making Valhalla my home.

Sorry no more pix yet, but it is already starting to look really cool, plus player stores are up now and the market is being reconfigured and a new PVP area is being built up, and it's exciting to see everyone working together on this. I think my initial reaction mirrored others, but after a couple days cool down I could see that the flaw was in the spin. Bridging coherent communication between different insider job levels and player awareness is probably the hardest part of live server hosting with several layers of ongoing interaction, so going forward, I hope to facilitate a little by sharing more of what PinkyRobot (discord) / YabloVH (minecraft) is doing on MoC. At this point in time, those of us on the outside wait while those on the inside sweat over the code and loading work. Time to get a little housework done irl so I'll be ready when the server comes back up in a few days. 😎

Monday, June 12, 2017


I think this says it perfectly.
This will be my last Mo Creatures server post. The server is being wiped again, and I'm too busy with real life to mess with that. I've had free hosting services yanked out beneath me before (some of you know my Xanga history and that I continue to be one of their investors), but having one host server wiped twice in under a year is not acceptable. I'm sorry, it was fun, but make a solid plan and fork out the money, guys. My whole web presence is riding on my own dime and independent of interaction ratings, so I say this in heartfelt seriousness.

You know they can do incredible things if they want to, right? If I can do this on my own on a laptop with nothing more than what's already on my hard drive, then coders can do much, much more when their hands aren't tied.

I'm more an html/CSS kind of person, but I understand how easy it is to copy/paste logs and save archives, even if one must go out of the way plunking an extra $300 down on an external hard drive while the ship is crashing. I'm going to say it- Gamers are the most impatient people on this earth. Y'all are young and feisty and immature and unseasoned at handling services provided. Personally, I still believe MoC staff are incredible, but of late, whatever (or whoever) is yanking all the strings this go round, fine, you win the server war for domination. I won't say anything else about that. The dream was a sweet one, but it's over now, I guess. I'm having an incredibly challenging string of real life months myself, so this perfectly syncs with me and I expressed myself accordingly.

And that's exactly it. Everything I did on MoC was performance art. I may have claimed and built, but it was on someone else's server, and that's the way life goes sometimes. I'm losing big builds twice in under a year now, and I could care less whether they are moved or wiped. It's like graffiti in a subway, right? We live in a transient world. What better way to express this than wiping servers over and over. I have been struggling to keep my own launch platform viable in a transient world. I should probably get back to that. So long and thanx for all the fish, as it were.

If I show back up on the new server, it'll be because people I care about are there. Otherwise, MoC on singleplayer is fine for my level of distraction needs in a hyperdriven world.