Saturday, May 6, 2017

Derby Day!

The best part of the Mo Creatures multiplayer minecraft server is all the pet options, including the mega variety of flying mounts and all their different styles and colors.

Smoak was born on Derby Day! He is a cross between a pegasus named Zeus and a unicorn named Raziel. Smoak is a fairy horse, which required a number of acquisitions and specific instructions. Riv was awesome setting all this up for me. All pix click back to Mo Creatures.

Riv has a very cool horse farm with a full collection of mounts.

Zeus reminds me of the Pegasus I had on the old 1.7 server, named Austin Powers. He was awesome.

Getting their gear off and preparing them for the transformation into a new fairy horse.

This takes about 10 minutes. It's actually pretty boring.

They transformed into a new baby!

I wanted him named Smoak after Felicity Smoak on CW's Arrow.

The color transformation was magical and very fast, I barely caught it.

Smoak on the racetrack! 😁