Saturday, March 18, 2017

Yablo's House

Wut. o_o

Yablo's House origin story - click
How I became Yablo - click

My first Haven claim on Mo Creatures is claim named YabloVH, after my Mojang account. Since nearly everything we do is grief proof, I'm turning into a terrible show off. Since we can buy diamond materials, I see no sense using my own diamonds to destroy via tools and armor, so I silk touched them and use them for building, along with other cool blocks. Anyone can run all over my claim and see just about everything I do.

I'm currently digging a very big hole.

The entire time I was digging it out I kept hearing the prosecuting attorney's question from Ghostbusters 2- "Dr. Venkman, would you please tell the court why you and your co-defendants took it upon yourselves to dig a very big hole in the middle of 1st Avenue?"

I own a lot of lava. A LOT. I was hoping that digging straight down over the top of it that I could grab the sources in buckets, but that entire dig missed all the lava. Imagine that. That was a lot of blocks I dug out. The next room over has the lava...

By the way, the cobble re-tile is my marker that there is absolutely nothing left underneath but bedrock and cobble. Note to players who complain about not finding diamonds- it's there. All those diamonds in the top photo? Got loads, and many other ores, as well. I'm very thorough.

Nothing like an open pit BBQ, right? I need to build a big spit for this.

This dais is my very first bedrock hit. I orginally tunneled straight down and started clearing out all the bedrock almost immediately. The ceiling above is a all clay, manually gathered and dyed, pattern radiating out from the ladder.

And not being one to waste all the work, I used the ceiling for the floor above. The ceiling for this floor will be bone block, so it'll take a little while to accumulate it.

Going straight back up will have more floors layered in, but for now, this is my most complete room just below the top floor. I doubled smelted all that cobble I mined out into cracked stone bricks, which scored mega experience points while I worked.

The floor immediately above that (just below the surface) is my original main work room, which seems to have morphed more into a novelty area as I keep accumulating.

Immediately above that is an open air deck that anyone can get onto. Even horse mobs (skelly 4-horsemen apocalypse) followed me onto this deck and totally killed me one day. The fire trench keeps most mobs at bay, but it didn't stop them one bit.

Right above the deck is a lap pool style aquarium full of pet fish. It's glassed so you can see the deck below, or see the fish from below.

The original scaffolding frame for my giant glasses is slowly turning into a 3D sculpt that I hope will mimic a giant spider web. Since I'm all over the internet, it makes sense to make a sticky web monument. It's way up there, very treacherous to build, and will probably go much higher than even the glasses frames. The scaffolding 'floor' will become a flat lattice, like a fake floor scrollwork kind of thing.

It's almost sickening to work up this high. The build is already so treacherous that it sets off vertigo.

In case you haven't seen previous posts, these are the glasses, my very first project. I dug and smelted sand into glass, then made dyes and dyed the glass blocks. The sea lanterns were reaped with silk touch from resource.

The effect from the ground with all the vines is supposed to be a sort of lavish open air privacy, like a see-through shower curtain or something. Along with using bonemeal to lush up the land into thick grasses and flowers and bringing in a variety of trees, the whole claim looks extraordinarily 'rich'.

And that is the goal. When I planned this build, I asked myself- If I were rich and could do anything I wanted with my opulence, what would I do? Well, I love nature, so I kept a lot of nature intact and enriched it. The digging and mining are becoming open air venues that allow others to see the work I do. I'm a collector, a purveyor, a projects enthusiast. From Star Wars- Aunt Beru: "Luke's just not a farmer, Owen." I grew up on a real farm and worked really hard my entire childhood. My Yablo claim is *not* a farm.

Yablo's House is a fun place to hang out with lots of places to investigate. See the weird ceiling? There's a portal up there. I put it out in the open and let other players use it.

Back to my hole. If I can pull off what I see in my head, this is going to look so cool.

And this is just one of my claims...

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