Monday, March 27, 2017

slain by brian

Brian turned out to be an enderman, lol. Everyone stopping and going wut. Yeah, let's name our enemies. I should name something Thurman or Dickweed. "slain by Dickweed"

By far the most entertaining part of multiplayer global chat is player death announcements. The convos are good, too, the fights are funny, the lengthy discussion drags even feel like family in their own way. I just lurk through most of it, keeping my head down working away with one eye on the chat rolling through.

Players have started running across my dungeon claim. I don't know what else to really call my Jacky claim. I name my claims to make the /claimslist coordinate teleports I want easier to find among all my stuff because of the addon strips I have on main claims. Maybe one of these days I'll come up with something cool and rename it all, but for now, this is my Jacky claim, the big obsidian field burped out of the bowels of the earth into the thick jungle.

Remember when I was hacking this whole area out and putting up that super multi-story dirt retaining wall? click --> exactly That whole wall has been replaced with mossy stone brick and nether fence, every single bit of it mined, smelted, and crafted by yours truly. That's a great way to rake in experience points, by the way. I was able to enchant so much stuff. The stuff behind the wall is still beautiful and wildly treacherous jungle. I've lost count of how many times I've been killed out there.

Long time readers of my blogs have probably seen me mention blogging being a sort of performance art for me. I think that is carrying over into Mo Creatures. The old server had a jobs list for players to earn money while playing, but this new server has a /warp sellshop where the main currency is, of all things, pumpkins. When new players arrive and ask how to make money, a chorus rings out Grow pumpkins. As you can imagine, I'm making a mockery of that. Behold my dungeonesque scene, where pumpkins are the prisoners on ghastly exhibition. I release them from the tethers that bind them during mass executions, rows and rows of faces stricken with horror. It's extra cool that they all grow facing north, so rows of them face the main wall, knowing they can never escape. Note the 'armored' guard. I put armor stands around the work hut and dressed them in dyed leather and pumpkin masks. I had way too much fun designing and creating this.

I love the obsidian monoliths thrusting up from below. I thought about tearing them down, but covered them with vines so I could climb up and get other viewpoints. They lend to the whole grim finality feel. There is no escape. Obsidian is almost unbreakable.

"We're all in our places with bright shiny faces." (From The Children's Song, more history here.) Right, you noticed I can't help going there. Click for the video- Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall

Everyone here is a prisoner. If anyone manages to escape, they face immediate execution.

Things are more pleasant down below in what I've been calling the Experiment Room. Beneath the horrible dungeon is beauty.

Stepping through the reveal.

One of the first things I made was a blood bath. I have no idea why. Maybe I'll find out in my psychologist's office.

Stepping on the magma to get out inflicts damage.

I really can't help showing off my ores. I silk touched every one of these and set them aside for builds. I feel like I'm creating a sort of display room for a home improvement store.

My faux hearth is huge. I like running through the fire.

On the other side will be fun cool passages to explore. This project will keep me busy for months.

Coming back the other way to the Experiment Room.

Here we are under a field of obsidian and magma up top. It feels private and secret here. I'm thinking about renovating it like a sort of wealthy boss meetup area.

Several private areas will be available for cocktails. The sand wall means we're nearly under the river. If I dig it out, the whole Experiement Room will flood.

I thought it fitting to make the entire secret meetup area look perched on bone block. It's still very unfinished, but the idea is set up.

There is so much more room underneath to do lots more stuff. I'm making little surprises all through the underground property that belie the torture going on above ground in plain sight.

You can ride the waterfall down into an immense cavern. I don't own all of that down there and can't light it up, but players could use night vision potions to go fight the mobs.

And that's kind of what I'm aiming for with that claim. The whole thing will be open to public so others can run around as they please through it. No one can grief me, so it's no big deal.

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