Monday, March 27, 2017

slain by brian

Brian turned out to be an enderman, lol. Everyone stopping and going wut. Yeah, let's name our enemies. I should name something Thurman or Dickweed. "slain by Dickweed"

By far the most entertaining part of multiplayer global chat is player death announcements. The convos are good, too, the fights are funny, the lengthy discussion drags even feel like family in their own way. I just lurk through most of it, keeping my head down working away with one eye on the chat rolling through.

Players have started running across my dungeon claim. I don't know what else to really call my Jacky claim. I name my claims to make the /claimslist coordinate teleports I want easier to find among all my stuff because of the addon strips I have on main claims. Maybe one of these days I'll come up with something cool and rename it all, but for now, this is my Jacky claim, the big obsidian field burped out of the bowels of the earth into the thick jungle.

Remember when I was hacking this whole area out and putting up that super multi-story dirt retaining wall? click --> exactly That whole wall has been replaced with mossy stone brick and nether fence, every single bit of it mined, smelted, and crafted by yours truly. That's a great way to rake in experience points, by the way. I was able to enchant so much stuff. The stuff behind the wall is still beautiful and wildly treacherous jungle. I've lost count of how many times I've been killed out there.

Long time readers of my blogs have probably seen me mention blogging being a sort of performance art for me. I think that is carrying over into Mo Creatures. The old server had a jobs list for players to earn money while playing, but this new server has a /warp sellshop where the main currency is, of all things, pumpkins. When new players arrive and ask how to make money, a chorus rings out Grow pumpkins. As you can imagine, I'm making a mockery of that. Behold my dungeonesque scene, where pumpkins are the prisoners on ghastly exhibition. I release them from the tethers that bind them during mass executions, rows and rows of faces stricken with horror. It's extra cool that they all grow facing north, so rows of them face the main wall, knowing they can never escape. Note the 'armored' guard. I put armor stands around the work hut and dressed them in dyed leather and pumpkin masks. I had way too much fun designing and creating this.

I love the obsidian monoliths thrusting up from below. I thought about tearing them down, but covered them with vines so I could climb up and get other viewpoints. They lend to the whole grim finality feel. There is no escape. Obsidian is almost unbreakable.

"We're all in our places with bright shiny faces." (From The Children's Song, more history here.) Right, you noticed I can't help going there. Click for the video- Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall

Everyone here is a prisoner. If anyone manages to escape, they face immediate execution.

Things are more pleasant down below in what I've been calling the Experiment Room. Beneath the horrible dungeon is beauty.

Stepping through the reveal.

One of the first things I made was a blood bath. I have no idea why. Maybe I'll find out in my psychologist's office.

Stepping on the magma to get out inflicts damage.

I really can't help showing off my ores. I silk touched every one of these and set them aside for builds. I feel like I'm creating a sort of display room for a home improvement store.

My faux hearth is huge. I like running through the fire.

On the other side will be fun cool passages to explore. This project will keep me busy for months.

Coming back the other way to the Experiment Room.

Here we are under a field of obsidian and magma up top. It feels private and secret here. I'm thinking about renovating it like a sort of wealthy boss meetup area.

Several private areas will be available for cocktails. The sand wall means we're nearly under the river. If I dig it out, the whole Experiement Room will flood.

I thought it fitting to make the entire secret meetup area look perched on bone block. It's still very unfinished, but the idea is set up.

There is so much more room underneath to do lots more stuff. I'm making little surprises all through the underground property that belie the torture going on above ground in plain sight.

You can ride the waterfall down into an immense cavern. I don't own all of that down there and can't light it up, but players could use night vision potions to go fight the mobs.

And that's kind of what I'm aiming for with that claim. The whole thing will be open to public so others can run around as they please through it. No one can grief me, so it's no big deal.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Yablo's House

Wut. o_o

Yablo's House origin story - click
How I became Yablo - click

My first Haven claim on Mo Creatures is claim named YabloVH, after my Mojang account. Since nearly everything we do is grief proof, I'm turning into a terrible show off. Since we can buy diamond materials, I see no sense using my own diamonds to destroy via tools and armor, so I silk touched them and use them for building, along with other cool blocks. Anyone can run all over my claim and see just about everything I do.

I'm currently digging a very big hole.

The entire time I was digging it out I kept hearing the prosecuting attorney's question from Ghostbusters 2- "Dr. Venkman, would you please tell the court why you and your co-defendants took it upon yourselves to dig a very big hole in the middle of 1st Avenue?"

I own a lot of lava. A LOT. I was hoping that digging straight down over the top of it that I could grab the sources in buckets, but that entire dig missed all the lava. Imagine that. That was a lot of blocks I dug out. The next room over has the lava...

By the way, the cobble re-tile is my marker that there is absolutely nothing left underneath but bedrock and cobble. Note to players who complain about not finding diamonds- it's there. All those diamonds in the top photo? Got loads, and many other ores, as well. I'm very thorough.

Nothing like an open pit BBQ, right? I need to build a big spit for this.

This dais is my very first bedrock hit. I orginally tunneled straight down and started clearing out all the bedrock almost immediately. The ceiling above is a all clay, manually gathered and dyed, pattern radiating out from the ladder.

And not being one to waste all the work, I used the ceiling for the floor above. The ceiling for this floor will be bone block, so it'll take a little while to accumulate it.

Going straight back up will have more floors layered in, but for now, this is my most complete room just below the top floor. I doubled smelted all that cobble I mined out into cracked stone bricks, which scored mega experience points while I worked.

The floor immediately above that (just below the surface) is my original main work room, which seems to have morphed more into a novelty area as I keep accumulating.

Immediately above that is an open air deck that anyone can get onto. Even horse mobs (skelly 4-horsemen apocalypse) followed me onto this deck and totally killed me one day. The fire trench keeps most mobs at bay, but it didn't stop them one bit.

Right above the deck is a lap pool style aquarium full of pet fish. It's glassed so you can see the deck below, or see the fish from below.

The original scaffolding frame for my giant glasses is slowly turning into a 3D sculpt that I hope will mimic a giant spider web. Since I'm all over the internet, it makes sense to make a sticky web monument. It's way up there, very treacherous to build, and will probably go much higher than even the glasses frames. The scaffolding 'floor' will become a flat lattice, like a fake floor scrollwork kind of thing.

It's almost sickening to work up this high. The build is already so treacherous that it sets off vertigo.

In case you haven't seen previous posts, these are the glasses, my very first project. I dug and smelted sand into glass, then made dyes and dyed the glass blocks. The sea lanterns were reaped with silk touch from resource.

The effect from the ground with all the vines is supposed to be a sort of lavish open air privacy, like a see-through shower curtain or something. Along with using bonemeal to lush up the land into thick grasses and flowers and bringing in a variety of trees, the whole claim looks extraordinarily 'rich'.

And that is the goal. When I planned this build, I asked myself- If I were rich and could do anything I wanted with my opulence, what would I do? Well, I love nature, so I kept a lot of nature intact and enriched it. The digging and mining are becoming open air venues that allow others to see the work I do. I'm a collector, a purveyor, a projects enthusiast. From Star Wars- Aunt Beru: "Luke's just not a farmer, Owen." I grew up on a real farm and worked really hard my entire childhood. My Yablo claim is *not* a farm.

Yablo's House is a fun place to hang out with lots of places to investigate. See the weird ceiling? There's a portal up there. I put it out in the open and let other players use it.

Back to my hole. If I can pull off what I see in my head, this is going to look so cool.

And this is just one of my claims...

Friday, March 17, 2017

the brick police

I dreamed I was arrested in the Mo Creatures server (like I was really inside there in the dream) for building without a license, and when the question came up about the weird stuff I was building, I tested positive for drugs. There I was inside minecraft in handcuffs, joking around about the brick police and asking them why my colors were running together.

I think I've seen way too many fandom memes done in Lego...

But yeah, kinda disappeared, didn't I? I'm busy. That map on the wall updates every time I change something, I love that.

I'm doing all kinds of cool stuff I didn't do at all on the old server. I am proficient now in raking in the ol' experience points and turning those into enchantment options.

I'm also getting really good at mobs and mineshafts. My workshop seems to be turning into a toy shop.

My original pet snakes fried on wall torches when I walked around with them draped on my shoulders, so I replaced the lighting and got a new snake who really liked climbing up into the spider webs. Alas, she despawned recently during a glitch, and I'll stick to that. I'm not going to accuse any visitors of possibly stealing her, but no more snakes in my open work space. Much of what I do is actually open to the public since 99% of it is grief proof.

I'm having too much fun naming my gear.

Ironically, I lost that entire outfit doing something really stupid. I had a lot of fun naming my weapons, too.

I've used and mended my Sucka sword so much that it's become too expensive to repair any more. Killed a lotta skelly horse mobs with that one.

I get a little obsessive and weird about mining, but that leads to some interesting learning experiences. I learned lava can leak through from beyond the end of the world.

I really like running around seeing stuff, ran into this natural totem one day out in the wilderness. We're playing on a custom server, so it's really cool to find different kinds of stuff.

Somebody used my idea, lol. Before the new server came up and we didn't yet know our claims would be grief proof, this is exactly what I was thinking about doing to hoard my wealth in. Funny that someone else had the same idea.

Running around town taking selfies like a tourist.

One day The_carp_king took me to his place and showed me a fantastic zoo of pets he'd been collecting. If I remember correctly, he's in Sweden and has 2 sisters playing, too. He looks pretty bad ass in that nether armor on a winged panther. Yes, it flies.

Another day I invited people over to my place to hunt for mobs because I get killed so much there, and even though the mobs disappointed us that day, the gang looked pretty amazing gathering up for the hunt. That's my wall in the background of this first one.

Isn't that cool? I hadn't seen a wyvern geared up before.

For some reason, my other big claim gets a lot of elephants spawning. One night a bunch showed up on top of the giant mushrooms I grew.

Kai has sheep of nearly every color on our clan claim. That's my place across the river, house on the left, horse stall in the middle, and Aeo's rail station on the right. That's right, I can take the subway to the other side of the mountains.

Sometimes I get visitors trying to sell me cookies. I don't fall for that.

I've made a little place in the nether and managed to reap loads of glowstone with silk touch before I found out I could get a whole stack from a villager.

I've got way more stuff going on, so more pix soon, I hope. I get so involved that I forget to get screenshots, lol. All the pix in this post are from the Mo Creatures server.