Thursday, February 23, 2017

the legendary black market

Running around the main /warp resource on the Mo Creatures server
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Kai can't believe I'm going out like that. I hijacked a Steve and splashed paint all over him. Don't worry, I'll get that fixed.

There's loads of cool stuff to see in resource. You can visit the market to buy and sell stuff, and there are whole map grids of free sections where you can explore and find all kinds of cool goodies.

One of the players said they felt like they were in wheat heaven when they arrived.

I discovered a gigantic dog guarding the wheat. Is this Cerberus? O_O

Pretty sure the Architect didn't just plunk that dog out there for no reason, so I had to investigate, some of which I've already mentioned on Pinky blog at thinking about tools. I do a lot of thinking while I'm playing on Mo Creatures. I found this tucked underneath the dog.

O_o A riddle! I love riddles. Obviously I'm supposed to wait until dark. Aaaand viola, with a clang, there we go!

It was pretty spooky, no idea if aggressive mobs would leap out at me. This was looking back up after I got down there.

And the truly horrible thing was I couldn't place any torches because there is a strict block limitation in this part of resource. So I had to creep along with my hairs up (in real life, it was that spooky) and find my way to whatever was in there. Thank goodness there were torches in the distance.

I emerged into what looked and felt like this underground plaza built deep inside a giant cavern. The entire place feels both spooky and exciting.

Nice, real pirate banners! Very cool.

I ran around checking out the detailing. I can't even imagine the laborious hours that went into designing and building this.

I'm still just getting the hang of larger builds myself, so I'm really appreciating these walls and struts and the general feel of the build. Mo Creatures really showcases Minecraft in unique ways.

I barely made it out in time. I could've been trapped down there! (That's the moon in case you're not a minecrafter, very brilliantly lined up with the riddle).

Sunday, February 19, 2017

you can't actually hear a snake screaming, turns out

Pix in this post were taken in Mo Creatures multiplayer server
Cobras make the cutest pets. Unfortunately, I accidentally killed both of mine by standing too close to a torch on the wall while I was working with them around my shoulders. Since torches don't burn me, I didn't even think about the snakes. Took me a bit to figure out what the extra hissing was since I don't actually see the snake while it's on me. So no more snakes indoors.

Yes, I'm learning how to make a skin. Kind of in transition here. I originally grabbed and modified one of the Galaxy Girl skins in the Skindex and called it a Galaxie Gurl, not to be confused with any actual characters, I just wanted a star traveler kind of look and mainly slapdashed it on and then never thought about it again. Anyway, grabbed a Steve to play with and wore myself out on NovaSkin, but I'll probably go back to the drawing board sometime this coming week.

Finally finished those lenses.

Little bit of context for the size, couple of work pix.

How it looks from a bit of distance.

An elephant showed up on my claim, cool.

So yeah, I've got 3 different claims, the Yablo claim, the Jacky claim, and the LaPlata claim. The Yablo claim is this one with the lenses, mainly like a paradise kind of thing. The Jacky claim is the big scar in the jungle (pix on Pinky blog at exactly) that will very slowly become another stunning paradise, completely different. The LaPlata claim is in a fairly secluded place near the main Architect (if that's Oreo), which was accidentally discovered by my friends, and it's like being in the Colorado mountains around Durango, which I grew up near. I'll get pix of that later, but here's a quickie neighbor shot, love that red sand and red sandstone. Ignore the weird sky thing, the mountain back there isn't rendered.

Mo Creatures is a really cool server, love running around checking out all the cool stuff in the wilderness, which incidentally is grief proof so the land doesn't start looking all trashed up. Isn't this cute? I feel like a tourist.

And I've been inside this mountain in Resource. It goes over 230 blocks high, and I tunneled right up from the edge of the world to the top, and then swam out to this little island and got a pic. It's not fully rendering here, but that mountain goes so far up there that looking down is about the coolest experience ever. And lots of dogs on that mountain, they're everywhere. Also found some villagers at the edge of the world and made some sweet trades.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

back on Mo Creatures

Before I asplain what in the world that even is, the good news is that the Mo Creatures multiplayer server is back up at long last, and I have already been sharing getting started (mixed in with real life) on Pinky blog at
it is what it is
if it's not rough it isn't fun
finding that sweet spot
en su bolsillo
and exactly.

So since you stopped and read all that, lol, you know my first claim back on multiplayer is a sort of Lady Gaga-esque nod with a gigantic pair of TV frames, because I love all her sunglasses so much.

I have finished one of the lenses.

Inside that lens are 682 blocks of glass and 8 sea lanterns. Everything I do in multiplayer is from scratch. I dug all that sand, cooked up all the glass, collected the plants for the dyes, tinted the glass, built and rebuilt scaffolding, and (in real life) kept track of this effort with math and graph paper. Also, a friend traded for silk touch books from a villager, and I traded super cool nice stuff like obsidian and magma for some of those books so I could use silk touch to get the sea lanterns, a long and patient process that took several days of planning.

There are 11 different colors of glass. The other lens will be a completely different design but still go well with this lens.

The goal is to be visible from a distance, which is challenging since the game renders as players near the objects. Even fairly close, players can completely miss seeing builds if their device and game specs aren't rendering distance well, plus moving around so much, so the point is to be as eye-catching as possible.

This is further out looking at it from off property. Imagine running through the deep dark woods and popping out on this.

It's also going to look pretty spectacular flying past it on the cool winged critters that Mo Creatures allows us to create. Here is some persepective. I'm standing at the base of the frame looking up.

Here is what I see looking down. Well, I keep adding touches, but you get the drift. It's a happenin' place.

The permanent scaffolding will be filled in with scroll work, like an open air 'roof'. I am loving the vines I've got hanging off this polished white. It kind of reminds me of (and perhaps a nod to) the temple set in Lady Gaga's G.U.Y. ARTPOP film short.

Much more coming on both this first and my second claim. My third claim is a much quieter place, a getaway with friends. I came home to a cool note left by Oreo himself-

My friends have the map and found the almost impossible to get onto continent, and we are loving the solitude. I'm like a super lurker on the server, usually silent during chat because I'm busy being a workaholic, or running across the lands seeing all the things. I'm ultimately waiting for a fairy horse, and once I'm airborne, I'll will be checking out all the other builds like I did on the old server.