Tuesday, December 6, 2016

meesa mesa

There's this little trick I've successfully used twice now to force build a mesa on undeveloped game area. The first time it happened, I thought I had discovered a mesa on a friend's realm, and that the trick was to keep pushing diagonally because, somehow, cross cutting biomes seemed to help me find different kinds of biomes faster. Well, since I've played a lot more on my own realm since then, I know the game doesn't play itself while I'm out of range, and the game doesn't build itself until I'm nearly there. Several times I've been able to incorporate a zigzag pattern into my diagonal flights to create cool biomes further away from world spawn, especially now that I'm using latest upgrade.

So I'm flying along doing recon, and it hit me that I could start skip jumping great swaths of coordinates and force the game to build backward, leaving vast empty gaps of unfilled territory, and that alone will force the algorithms to respond a little differently. So 100,000 at 100,000, boom. Within 500 blocks I had not only a mesa, but a seaside village right by a mesa, and more stuff I'll get to later.

So naturally, I spent a little time (this really doesn't take long once you get used to doing it) setting up perimeter and making it a little more homey, ready for commerce and development, as it were. This will be the mesa metro hotspot down the road. Check it, a village on top of 4 biomes- savannah, desert, mesa, and ocean.

Running around lighting up the place, this particular house has two totally different views I might take advantage of later. Might widen the windows, put in a patio and grill on the ocean side, put in a beautiful little garden on the mesa side. It'll be my summer home. Too bad minecraft doesn't have orange trees.

Fix this place up with pavement and greenways, throw a few extensions on whenever I stop by... I already have a portal on top of one of the houses, kinda made the town look more alchemy.

The locals have been especially helpful, very friendly people.