Tuesday, July 5, 2016

StarrStrukk, the lunchbox

Ok, just kidding, there's no merch. But I hope you heard that title in Yogurt's voice. I bet most of you didn't notice the indirect correlation to Lone Starr. There's actually no correlation, it's coincidence, lol, but he's one of my faves. StarrStrukk is NOT in any way connected to the Spaceballs server. You can click this pic if you want to go check them out. I'm not advertising, just happened to find it because I got curious.

Back to StarrStrukk. If I'm going to be maniacally obsessed enough to go so hard on survivor and then weep over a village and then become obsessed again, I may as well just make that singleplayer a realm because I'm obviously not dumping it. (Not a server, just a realm.)

Planet Yablo allows 3 worlds and a mini game in a collection called a realm. If you are new to minecraft, setting up your own realm does require a subscription as opposed to playing free in other people's realms by invitation. I can rotate my worlds at will and still play other multiplayer and all the singleplayer worlds I want on the side, but the realm is 3 worlds and a mini game for my friends. So far I just have one world set up in the realm. The realm is named Planeta de Yablo, featuring StarrStrukk, but what you don't see is that in the realm, I called my first world Khanlock. I know that's confusing, but I locked StarrStrukk into place, as it were, and a few people know I'm a super Sherlock and Star Trek fan (scifi fan in general). All you need to really know is that this is still all about the seed world "StarrStrukk".

Committing to a survival journal on top of survival was a lot of work, but I learned lots, and then I learned lots more playing other worlds. Now it's time to flip this world from demilitarized zones to fun. When I loaded my saved singleplayer StarrStrukk game into my realm, I kept all the structures and work I'd already done, but I reset the settings. No more hostile mobs. And peaceful. If I want action I can go back to multiplayer and duke it out with crazy badasses on MoCreatures. I can still spawn mobs on StarrStrukk if I want to experiment with zombie traps and stuff, but for the most part, I just want to build and explore without creepers blowing up everything I do and something killing me and losing most of my stuff I worked so hard for every time I die.

Worldspawn is set really close to zero,zero, and the first 200-300 blocks are fenced and set up a bit for actual survival, although now they make great starter locations for more building. If you want to dabble in survivor and rely on your own work to build and eat and farm and hunt, I've got a few bunker stashes for back up. If you want to play around, I've got a couple of saddled horses ready to go. If you want to build, the whole world is wide open.

After it all flipped, I built this next to worldspawn. It felt good. Kinda feels like a little vacation bungalow on the beach. I was needing a vacation after all that carnage.

You can see my first survival compound in the background, lol.

Quick tour through Yablo's House. I'm not that great at housing yet, but this was fun.

First step in. It's already reflecting my personal lifestyle, just small and comfortable with a touch of elegance or the exotic.

Looking back where I stepped in. I'm really loving the magma cube in the corner.

Next room, just a simple bedroom. I like the 'distressed' look of bedrock. You can only use it like this in creative mode.

My back deck isn't finished, not sure yet where I'm going with it.

The back yard is casual entertaining for small groups, including sandbox volleyball, cabana, and diving area.

And about 200 blocks away there's that village I did construction improvements on and repopulated.

They've got a nice town library and a civic center, good church, you know, if you're looking for a good place to settle and send your kids to school, lol.

PLANS. I do have future plans. I'd like to get railway set up between worldspawn and this village and maybe build a few things in between, so that strip of desert between my house and the village is on my mind.

I've already teleported around a little, lotta untouched villages out there, plenty of space to play. I went way out and found 2 ocean monuments almost side by side (2 in one ocean within visual distance), so I'm going to play with that, might wind up looking a bit like an underwater space center.

This offer stands. If I know you either in real life or online long enough to know you won't go in and tear up other people's stuff, and you want a place to play in minecraft where other people can actually walk through what you create without having to pay for a realm subscription, let me know so I can invite you. You don't have to be good at minecraft, just courteous of other people's stuff.

I'm set up for windows, so I don't know if the realm will go across devices yet. Microsoft is working on expanding into cross-platform play, and the realms update is live now for Windows 10. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates, along with this one.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

village unlocked

3 real life months ago I discovered my temple loot had already mysteriously been blown up in you're kidding me. In minecraft time that was just a couple of weeks ago. Since it was singleplayer, I had Kai load a fresh identical seed and fly straight there, and whadayaknow, I was right- mob damage. The original StarrStrukk seed (make sure you use that exact spelling) still loads an unexploded desert temple within 400 blocks of worldspawn, so there you go, guys. A challenge. Kai got these screen caps in creative mode and checked the chests but I'm not going to tell you what's in them, lol.

The original village is still thriving in reseed.

The temple before I started changing everything.

And a few mobs hanging around. I was still really green at minecraft trying to handle all this in survival and having so little experience with generated structures and loot.

Basically, I was so worn out playing survival in singleplayer and continually losing my inventory and so much structural damage, I fled the scene for awhile to think. I practiced on several things in other singleplayers, other realms, and in multiplayer. I got good at mobs, villages/villagers, and structures and came to a conclusion- there is no safe way to handle saving this village in survival without pledging and committing a monumental amount of time gritting my teeth doing just a whole lot of grunt work, sometimes over and over, SO... Either switch my game mode or move on in survival. Just gotta let one or the other go if I'm going to enjoy minecraft.

I very rarely make impulsive decisions, as you can see this took 3 months. I'm very methodical about logically exploring pros and cons. I really want to save this village, but if I'm going to go creative, I'm going all the way. Yep. Uploaded my saved game into a realm. If I'm going to do neato things and have fun doing it, I may as well share the experience. If I know you in real life (this includes a long time online) and you've been thinking about trying minecraft and you're not quite sure where you want to take it but you'd like other players to be able to actually tour what you build, I will show you more about StarrStrukk on a shared player realm in my next post.

In the meantime, I finally saved that village.