Sunday, March 6, 2016

Day 3: I'm still alive

I'm actually about 44 days old with Mojang, and I started out in a friend's realm before I started bumbling through singleplayer. And then we got the MoCreatures pack and I was oscillating back and forth between that, a couple of private realms, and experimenting with single player. As of today, my YabloVH character is about 6 weeks old on Minecraft.

I got in with an experienced crew and slung hard and fast through tutorials and challenges like I was in Minecraft college, and before long I was a competent baddie in survival mode, which I've talked about on Pinky blog in between my other rambly stuff. I've wiped out 3 other singleplayer worlds, the first one accidentally super flat because I was a noob, although I did enjoy the extreme mobs challege on that super flat land so I might make another one for kicks, and the other 2 were fine for learning ropes in creative on my own time, but that got old very quickly without any real challenges and no interaction from other players.

So. Singleplayer. Full survival mode from the very first second I land. Can I do it? I've become a hardened soul slinging through MoCreatures, so now it's sounding like a really fun challenge, right, so I created another singleplayer world called Starrstrukk. I set it up for creative and cheats just in case I wimp out, turned the one time bonus chest on, then grit my teeth and went in.

I landed on an island chain on the edge of the plains at the top of a little hill, and there was my bonus chest, with 3 torches around it. All that chest had in it was 2 sticks, 2 apples, one torch, and 1 wooden axe. Seriously, that was it. I felt like I had literally been left to die. (Those sticks were probably so I could make a stone tool, but at the time I didn't realize I could have gotten cobblestone with my wooden axe or hands, because I'd never tried that in any of my other gameplaying.)

I knew I didn't have long, so I collected my stuff and broke down the chest and took the torches around it. Guess what- you didn't craft it, you don't get to keep it. Shoulda left those torches standing, so let that be a lesson! I was left with only the stuff from inside the chest.

I knew I didn't have long because I had landed between 3 and 4 p.m. worldtime, and thank goodness I landed at the top of a hill, so I dug in a little down and sideways and pretty much just sealed dirt back over the hole and sat in the dark the first night. Before I sealed in, I sprinted out to the one tree I could reach and fell before sunset, kind of a ways off, sprinted back, then used nighttime to do a simple inventory (I <enter>) to fashion a quick crafting table out of the wood I'd gotten. After that it was a cinch to make a couple of chests and another wooden axe.

A night lasts about 12-15 minutes, I think, but I kept knocking one of the dirt blocks off to peek out and replacing it before a spider could get in. It was very unnerving sitting in the dark, but there was no way I was going to use my torch just in case it disappeared, too. Having never started out in survival mode like that, I didn't know whether the gift torch would be reusable, so there was absolutely no wasting it.

Day 2 caught me off guard because I immediately had to eat my apples, so no food on top of being miles away from just about everything. I spent day 2 sprinting across an inlet and up another hill to chop down a couple more trees (definitely saved saplings!). Found my way back with just enough daylight to plant the saplings real quick, dig my tunnel through to the other side of the hill, and craft a couple of fences to bar that end while the other end was replugged with dirt.

Then I waited for dawn.

This one shows my complete inventory at that time.

Day 3 was a challenge. I emerged at the break of dawn and was immediately attacked on all sides by 2 skeletons and a spider, and you know what? I won. Thank you, MoCreatures mob spawns! I was experienced enough to live through a mob massacre, and wound up gleaning little treasures from my kills, like arrows, bones, and string. I have 5 arrows in me in this pic, hard to see a couple of them.

But that massacre took a terrible toll on my life and nearly used up all my energy. I knew I'd have to go hunting or starve, so right after getting my selfies, I sprinted like a starving crazed wolf across the lands, quickly grabbing a couple more trees on the way, which, sadly, took out my axes. As luck would have it, I discovered I could fell the rest of the second tree barehanded (we can do that???), and after that I ran right into a group of pigs sprinting over a ridge, so I decided to see whether I could also pummel a pig to death with my bare hands. Yep, you sure can do that in minecraft. Awesome. I barely made it back by dark to plug up my tunnel again because I got lost (omg, I know better than that, all I had to do was /tp x y z and I hadn't even looked my home coordinates up on F3, what a noob). I think that sprint nearly killed me, barely half a heart and chicken leg left in my life readout by nightfall, so I just ate the pig meat raw. Right after that I looked up my coordinates and /setworldspawn so I'd wake back up inside my protected tunnel if I die.

Those first 3 days were the most challenging. After that, I knew I'd make it, even though for several more days I subsisted on only apples coming out of the trees I was growing. Once I figured out I could get cobblestone, my stone tools took off, and next thing you know I'm slowly mapping out improvements, like fencing a border and looking for coal. Actually did find a little, enough to make 14 torches, and then was an idiot the next day and lost an entire inventory thinking I could take on a skeleton and both of us falling off into the ocean together from a steep jagged hillside. I've got experience with skeletons in water on MoCreatures, so I thought piece of cake and went after him, even in the water. I did kill him, but you know what? I died, too, and all that wonderful coal I found sunk to the bottom of the sea, along with the rest of the stuff I'd scavanged that day. There's nothing more upsetting than losing all your stuff over your own stupidity.

By the end of the first week I'd managed to get a simple setup in place, mining during the night and hunting during the day. Finally ran into enough iron ore to craft one iron sword, one iron pickaxe, and part of some iron armor. I lived mostly on apples until I finally ran into a small herd of cattle on a distant hill.

And the rest of my time has been spent processing all the wood and stone I get to set up perimeters.

This is near the end of two weeks (minecraft days and nights are about 20 min/ 15 min), finally holding the mobs at bay, enjoying evening coming on.

There's no way I can permanently settle here because so many different kinds of resources are stretched so thin, so once it's all set up as an outpost, I'll be going on scouting missions, setting up new outposts that I can teleport back and forth to.

So far I haven't wimped out into creative mode.

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