Sunday, January 28, 2018

pulling llamas

Llamas are vanilla mobs, but this happened on the Mo Creatures server, so all the pix click back there. 😄

I'm one of those lucky players who keeps getting llama spawns on my claim, so other players ask for them and I help them travel the llamas to their own claims. This is an arduous task involving pulling leads while defending against mobs, and sometimes boats. Llamas can swim, but boats are easier going over oceans.

They remind me of cats... 😂

Had to keep going back and putting the lead back on. Llamas like running in packs, so leading one can get one or two more to follow, but if they lose you going over a rise, they stop following. The last time I moved llamas before this, it took 3 players, and we were able to move 5 at a time across about 5000 blocks. This move last night was at least 10,000 blocks, and probably more than that having to go around a bit in different places. I accidentally killed one trying to fly it (I'm a minimod) past lava, which was a really bad idea.

At one point I was trying to get back into my boat and my llama beat me to it. 😂 Saggy got this shot.

I feel like I'm becoming a llama moving specialist. 😁 Maybe I should breed and sell them.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

deep in the treetops

When you're deep in the treetops in the dead of night and turn around...
Ok, I admit I'm too consumed with minecraft to even stop and blog about it. I didn't want to admit it, but I'm coming clean. When you wake up from the coolest dream ever about being able to put cement blocks into the furnace to glaze into animal print blocks, you're there. I'm there, guys. I'm down that rabbit hole and I'm not coming out. Everything I do from now on is me tossing stuff out of this hole I'm in.

But imagine- the white blocks would glaze into zebra stripes, the yellow would get leopard spots, and so on. Cool, huh? I  have so many cool minecraft dreams, most of them are on Pinky blog. Wo, 181 posts over there tagged Minecraft. Wow. But seriously, I need someone to get on those ideas and make them real. By the way, these screenshots click back to the official server site if you want to check it out.

When someone stares at you till you look back and then pretends they weren't looking at you...
I've been playing on server since spring 2016, I think. I have logged on nearly every day that the server has been open. I have over 1600 hours logged on since they upgraded to the new server in January. Believe it or not, a few other players have double that over me. Anyway, over time, the server has become another limb, another gang to hang out with, another way to keep me focused on brain healing and positivity. When life kinda sux, go rip down a mesa and glaze a crapload of terracotta to sell in a player shop, lol.

I'm going to be logging in on Thanksgiving. I'm the kind of person who lives in a bubble. I can't go out and eat because super allergies, I can't visit other people because dogs (yes, super allergic to a dog licking my face and I'm not even kidding, and what's sad is I love dogs), I can't go *do* stuff because spoonie probs and I hit the fatigue wall long before other people are done having fun, so I live through the internet and TV. I love live tweeting and facebooking (I'm NOT chatty, but TV and memes are awesome), and now I love gaming.

I got my first warning today. I wrote 'biatch', lol. This warning shows up every time I log on, and I want to log on a lot to see it because it's probably the only warning I'll ever get. I've been playing a year and a half and that's my first warning.
I decided that, in spite of the challenges I share on Pinky blog about autism spectrum and depression and stuff, I'm going to step up and attempt being part of staff. I might not make it, or I might, either way I love the game and I'll just always be there. I'm not very good at in the moment sometimes, but this will be really good practice for me, especially if I wind up going more public in the future. I need all the practice I can get, really.

By the way, minecraft in general has been very good for me. It helps me focus through anxiety, it helps me brain flex while I work on goals and strategies, and it has helped me orient better in real life because I'm using my brain in so many ways on server with other people. Not everyone knows I've been recovering for years from an illness that knocked me offline a bit 13 years ago, and I don't remember what day (or month) it is a lot, and I get mixed up every day about something, but I realized yesterday that I remembered an entire phone number for the first time in years hours after glancing at it just once, and I'm very happy. I 'lost' numbers when I got sick. I went from thinking college algebra was easy peasy to not being able to remember two digits in a row, but I think having a player shop is doing some sweet healing in there in the ol' synaptic pathways or something.

I love running around and finding surprises. These little guys are so cute.
Where I live in real life really does look like minecraft. We have fields and forests and lots of rugged hills and a few rivers and lakes. I love that I can run around 'outside' and DO stuff. Sometimes I need to do more than read a book or watch a show or talk to someone. I need to create and problem solve and enjoy activities with other people.

I'm going to try to blog here more, hopefully time doesn't slip by me too fast like the last 6 weeks. I keep forgetting to get screen grabs. If you know me from other places, you know that's a big deal. If I'm enjoying what I'm doing so much that I forget to show other people, then I am really enjoying it. I can't wait till my wifi company installs fiber, one of the first things I'm going to try is a Kawaii World texture pack.

Click this one to see more.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Hello Sweetie

I know, I started this and never update. Mo Creatures has caught up with vanilla minecraft 1.12.2, so we have cement now, yay! (and parrots, llamas, and a bunch of other junk, plus the flying glitch is fixed now.) I'm getting ready to work on something horrifically pink. In the meantime, here are some screenies of random stuffs I got over the last month. All pix click back to the official server page.

First off, my player shop renovation started this week. I'm a terrible showoff. I'm sorry, I just can't handle all that gold disappearing into server sell. It needs to shine! If you get on the Mo Creatures multiplayer server, this is at /warp YabloVH.

I have an open air shop that I'm experimenting with for mobs, like using a combination of magma blocks, soul sand, and cobwebs, but they're still slipping across the border. The surprised look on this husk's face when it suddenly got stuck sitting down in a boat... 😁 Anyway, players can't defend themselves on my shop claim, so I'm trying to find ways to show how useful my items are for defense. I could be boring and just close it all in, but the ambiance is pretty awesome like it is.

Server buy and sell are out in the open, too, but there's no mob griefing around spawn so I'm perfectly safe. (Wait, wonder if I can fix the code on my shop claim for that, I'll hafta check.) This lioness wants to EAT ME, haha. Sometimes zombies hug me while I sell stuff. One time a manticore butted me around like it wanted me to pet it, but it was really trying to bite me.

The time I bought a player head and looked like a creeper behind Beffles. Bef has a town/clan, btw, so newbies can get quick temp housing. Anyway, server sells player heads where you can have admin custom grab a head off a place like this and then keep the heads around like masks to wear.

Thanx to the claim moves from Haven, I have several sheer cliff cuts to play with. Others might become murals, but this was my first instinct. (I should fix that to look like the original symbols on the show.) Doctor Who fans know what this means. I think another player on MoC has done some Doctor Who builds, too.

This grab was pure accident, never had my screen freeze just like that before. The way the clay (now called terracotta) was cracking as I worked on breaking it out kind of looks like a molecule or a map or a cave painting or something. I wonder if all the blocks crack the same way? Maybe some have easter egg cracks that look like pictograms or something. (Starting conspiracy theories is a hobby... lol.)

THIS. First of all, please ignore that first line of chat, that person was having a bad night, but was reminded that Mo Creatures is a family server. The chat a little further down is unrelated and got really funny. Totally went Skynet there. (Tell me you know what 2001: A Space Oddessy is.)

And I just accidentally did a Doctor Who / Terminator smash in this post since Hello Sweetie is said to the Doctor, and Matt Smith played both the Eleventh Doctor and a T-5000 Terminator hosting Skynet. Here's a youtube vid, click that if you need more info.

Anyway, survival, player towns and shops, flying pets of all kinds, PVP arena, games and events, player chat in game and on discord- get your downloads for multiplayer server and jump in. I don't get a discount for saying this because it's free to join in. 😊